A little bit about who we are and what we can offer you

I'm Bob Burr and the owner of FTD Models. I have myself been involved in racing RC Cars since 1994... so I think I can say that I am a bit of an RC Nut!

Which brings me to why I opened the shop. In 2003 I decided that I wanted to open an old style model shop; one where you can go in and actually see items on shelves and have a good look around. Not where everything is behind glass doors and you can't really get to see what you want.

I am happy to say that after more than 10 years in business I am still as happy now as when I first opened the doors of FTD Models.

In the shop I have my youngest son Luke (also joint owner) which makes it a nice family business. Luke has also been racing since 1994; indoor, off-road, and now back racing touring cars around the country in the BRCA Clubmans series (with great success too).

My eldest son Dale works for the Mercedes AMG F1 team (previously Brawn and Honda). Dale is probably best known for his RC-Timing computer program used by clubs across the country. Dale can also be found racing touring cars around the UK (and has tried most classes at one time or another).